There are only two seasons ... Footy Season and Waiting For Footy Season

How does Footy Rocks work? It is a lot like other dreamteam competitions but each week you pick a team of players IN POSITION. You will need 2 back pockets, a full back, two half backs as so on. No zones or salary caps here. We get the team lists on a Thursday night and then open selections until the first game starts. It's a unique version of dreamteam that has been going for 21 years now.

The best bit? Only your BEST 5 SCORES count. If you miss a week or start late then do not worry. You will be in it right up to the end.

The Footy Rocks top 8

This is the Footy Rocks top 8 for season 2018. The ladder order is based on the best 5 scores made by each player. The Blitz! score is how much you need in the next game to jump into the top 8. If you are already in the 8 then your Blitz! score is how much you need to take top spot.

AveragePlayBest 5 Scores (Round)Blitz!
7550Michael Cooke1389.94171651 (1), 1539 (11), 1462 (8), 1455 (7), 1443 (16)
7500Mike Freame1384.29171620 (1), 1525 (6), 1465 (16), 1447 (2), 1443 (11)1493
7403Corey James1305.12171549 (1), 1493 (17), 1482 (7), 1449 (11), 1430 (15)1577
7285Nick Gibson1293.61181491 (12), 1491 (7), 1444 (8), 1443 (6), 1416 (9)1681
7272Ozzy1240.61181478 (1), 1463 (6), 1463 (7), 1444 (16), 1424 (9)1702
7188Darryl Jackman1269.38161491 (1), 1455 (8), 1420 (12), 1415 (4), 1407 (17)1769
6820Anne Coveny1259.59171405 (12), 1399 (1), 1389 (9), 1320 (11), 1307 (10)2037
6667ZoBlitz1127.67181446 (16), 1354 (11), 1299 (7), 1285 (15), 1283 (6)2166

The best of round 18

The best of season 2018

Latest News

Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:48pm

This is the final Thursday night game for the year. Next week the soccer World Cup will be over and so the AFL draw will return to normal.Pick your Adelaide and Geelong players now and come back on Friday to finish picking your teams.

Wed Jul 4, 2018 10:32pm

Selections are now open for the Thursday night game between Geelong and Sydney. Then come back Friday to finish picking your teams.

Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:32pm

Finally the byes are over but we're still stuck with stupid Thursday night games for another three weeks. Pick your Sydney Swans and Richmond players now and come back on Friday to finish picking your team.

Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:52pm

Another Thursday night game and more byes. Pick your West Coast and Essendon players from the Thursday night game, and Adelaide, Freo, Geelong, Richmond, St Kilda and Sydney players who have byes. Remember, players who have the bye will be named in the position they were last week and will get their season average as their score.

Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:12pm

It's going to be one of those rounds. We have a Thursday night game and 6 teams have byes. You can pick your Thursday night players from Port and the Doggies now. Players from the Kangaroos, Lions, Pies, Bombers, Giants and Melbourne will be available in their round 12 positions and will automatically get given their average when scores are calculated. Good luck.

Fri Jun 8, 2018 7:58pm

Round 12 is now on. It's a bye round so Carlton, Hawthorn, West Coast and Doggies players automatically get their average season score. Good luck.

Fri Jun 1, 2018 3:15pm

Don't forget to pick your team for round 11.

Thu May 24, 2018 9:09pm

Pick your team for round 10 now. Port Adelaide and the Suns have byes. That means if you are in a league you can pick players form those teams in the same position they were named last week and they will get their current season average score when the rest of the player stats arrive in our database.

Thu May 17, 2018 6:49pm

You can now pick your team for round 9.

Thu May 10, 2018 7:02pm

The tackle debate is on again. Fair, free kick or one week suspension? Selections are open for round 8 so pick your team now.

Mon May 7, 2018 8:48am

All the stats are in for round 7. Some of the leagues are having mid-season drafts. Use this page to see where the bargains are:

Thu May 3, 2018 6:53pm

All the team lists are in and selections are now open for round 7.