(Note that the ladder is sorted by points and then average score - percentage is not used to decide ladder position.)

The Fluffers18140456211731176.28201681120.44104.98
Ted Parkers Pies18120648214841193.56208871160.39102.86
Cookies Creamers18110744211621175.67205671142.61102.89
Bantha Puhdu1890936206681148.22205241140.22100.70
The Hawk1890936199731109.61201701120.5699.02
Humble Pie18801032207971155.39206471147.06100.73
Hecklers Vengeance18501320204181134.33208661159.2297.85
Jedi Master18401416193961077.56208791159.9492.90

Games for the Elimination and Qualifying Finals

1181Ted Parkers Piesv1117Drongoes Qualifying Final - Winner plays The Fluffers
1187Cookies Creamersv1199Bantha Puhdu Elimination Final - loser's season is over

Games for the Semi Finals

1212The Fluffersv1307Ted Parkers Pies Winner goes into Grand Final, loser goes into Preliminary Final
1172Drongoesv1165Bantha Puhdu Winner goes into Preliminary Final, loser is eliminated

Games for the Preliminary Final

1083The Fluffersv1105Drongoes Winner plays Ted Parkers Pies in the Grand Final

Games for the Grand Final

1121Ted Parkers Piesv1117Drongoes