Footy Rocks is an AFL-based dreamteam competition.  Unlike other dreamteams we don't muck about with player values and salary caps.  We keep it simple yet challenging.  Each week you simply pick a team of players IN POSITION.  Pick anybody you want but you can only have one full forward, two wings, one ruck, and so on just like a real AFL team.  Each player gets points for kicks, marks, goals and other stats which we add up to tell you your team's score at the end of the round.  It's easy and it's fun.

Wondering where to begin?  Follow these steps and you are on your way...

  1. Before you start, read the rules and scoring system.
  2. Once you have done that you can select your team.  There are plenty of instructions to guide you.

It's really that simple!

Oh yeah...

  1. Enjoy watching your players rack up the points.  And feel the pain when they don't.  :^)